Digital tachograph

Digital tachograph can be significantly optimized with solutions that enable complete automation of the work process – automatic download of DDD files, storage and automatic processing and analysis of DDD data.

Automatic retrieval of data from tachograph and driver memory cards

  • automatic download of DDD files,
  • automatic download of DDD files from driver memory cards,
  • digital data archive,
  • download DDD data directly,
  • download DDD data via mobile application.
all in one solution for tachograph

View real – time data | digital tachograph

  • insight into the remaining driving time,
  • insight into upcoming daily vacations,
  • insight into the upcoming weekly vacations,
  • mobile application for drivers – overview and prediction of allowed driving times and upcoming vacations.
digital tachograph

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Tacho Cloud – a system for downloading, processing and analyzing tachograph data

data form tachograph
  • automatic import of downloaded DDD files into the Tacho Cloud system,
  • digital data archive,
  • cloud technology (the system is available via a web browser),
  • automatic processing of downloaded data,
  • all legal reports,
  • overview of driver’s working hours,
  • automatic analysis of downloaded DDD data,
  • mobile application for drivers,
  • download DDD files from the driver’s memory card via mobile phone,
  • predictions of allowable driving and rest times.

Tachograph – mobile device overview

tacho cloud manager app
  • review data download status
  • review of violations
  • driver rating review
  • calibration review
  • an overview of upcoming vacations
  • review of permitted driving times

The overview via the mobile application is available in the manager view (all drivers) and in the view for each individual driver.

Download driver cards via mobile application | tachograph

tachograph app
  • Using a reader that plugs into a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet), the driver can retrieve data from the memory card at any time.
  • Downloaded data are available immediately in the central system and are automatically processed and analyzed.


Download the mobile app for tachograph

Have a complete overview on your mobile phone or tablet.

Download DDD data from the driver’s memory card via mobile phone or tablet.

tachograph app download

Advantages of tachograph solution

Fully automated solution for downloading, processing and analyzing tachograph data. Data is available through the web interface and mobile app for Android devices.

  • Violation reduction and control
  • Driver working time control
  • Predictions of mandatory rest and driving times
  • Fully automated tachograph control process
  • Reducing the time required to download, process and analyze tachograph data

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