Internet of things | IoT solutions

Internet of things solutions are an integral part of ALFA LOGISTIKA’s offer. The solutions cover a wide range of applications in a variety of industries and usage scenarios. IoT solutions are based on Sigfox, Helium and LoraWan IoT networks.

IoT solutions allow you to control, monitor and receive information. Solutions include: smart measurements (temperature, humidity, co2, etc.), location services via WiFi positioning and GPS location. IoT devices are small in size and independent of external power supply, with a declared battery life of up to 10 years.

The main areas of application of the Internet of Things solution

Pametna logistika

Supply chain and logistics

Pametna proizvodnja


Pametni gradovi

Smart cities

Pametne komunalije i energija

Utilities and energy

Pametna poljoprivreda

Smart agriculture

Pametne zgrade

Smart buildings

Pametna prodaja


Pametni domovi

Smart homes

Pametna rješenja za osiguranje i sigurnosne službe


Our service includes the delivery of a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution:

  • configuration and installation of IoT devices,
  • IoT platform – software,
  • education in the use of software and hardware,
  • work support.
IoT platforma na hrvatskom jeziku
SigFox hrvatska - desktop
SigFox hrvatska - desktop
SigFox hrvatska - desktop

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Supply chain and logistics | Internet of Things

The goal of this type of solution is to track property, packages, goods, food products, perishable goods, medical transports (organs, blood, etc.). Supply chain control is extremely important for a company’s logistics. IoT devices can be implemented in a variety of logistics processes, especially due to their small size, long battery life and water resistance.

Usage scenarios

Praćenje paketa pomoću IoT uređaja
Package tracking
  • Indoor location
  • Locating via ATLAS
  • Locating via GPS
  • Motion sensor
Praćenje paketa s IoT uređajima
Package tracking and package opening
  • Movement detection
  • Humidity measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Fall detection
  • Opening detection


Praćenje euro paleta
Monitoring of euro pallets
  • Location via GPS, Atlas or WiFi
  • Motion sensor (loading-unloading)
  • Waterproof IoT device
Praćenje hladnjaća
Cold chain temperature monitoring
  • A simple solution
  • Small device
  • Easy installation
  • Humidity measurement
IoT za skladišta
Tracking of storage carts
  • Indoor position
  • Motion detection
  • Standing detection
IoT - Asset Tracking i praćenje imovine
Asset tracking
  • Location via GPS, Atlas or WiFi
  • Smart measurements: Humidity, Temperature, Co2, etc.
  • Long battery life
  • Easy installation
elektronička plomba - IoT
Electronic seal
  • Protection of valuable property
  • Access control


Production Industry 4.0 | Internet Of Things

Monitoring and smart measurements in manufacturing industries.

Industrija 4.0 - IoT rješenja

Usage scenarios

  • Supervision of working hours of construction machines (effective)
  • Lever / valve position
  • Tracking the number of rotations
  • Level monitoring (garbage, concrete, etc.)
  • Supervision of shafts and cables


Smart cities | Internet of Things

Solutions for remote measurement and analytics in smart agriculture.

IoT rješenja za pametne gradove

Usage scenarios

  • Smart car parks sensors
  • Traffic counters
  • Measurement of air quality in cities
  • Co2 measurement
  • Supervision of underground containers, etc.

Utilities and energy | Internet of Things

Solutions aimed at managing utility processes and saving energy.

IoT pametno upravljanje otpadom

Usage scenarios

  • Smart waste management
  • Container filling detection
  • Utility asset management company
  • Remote water reading
  • Remote current reading
  • Measurement of power consumption
  • Measuring water consumption
  • Water leak detection, etc.

Smart agriculture | Internet of Things

Solutions for remote measurement and analytics in smart agriculture.

Internet of Things rješenja za pametnu poljoprivredu

Usage scenarios

  • Hive scales (beekeeping)
  • Humidity and temperature measurement
  • Weather stations

Smart buildings | Internet of Things

Solutions for remote measurement and analytics in smart agriculture.

IoT rješenja za pametne zgrade

Usage scenarios

  • Lighting control
  • Humidity and temperature measurement
  • Fire detection
  • Energy consumption control
  • Air quality measurement

Sales (Retail) | Internet of Things

Sales and hospitality solutions include monitoring equipment, monitoring customer satisfaction, and involving service users in business processes.

IoT rješenja za prodaju

Usage scenarios

  • Monitoring the operation of the coffee machine
  • Vending machine operation monitoring
  • Order button
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Visitor / customer counter

Smart homes | Internet of Things

Solutions include hazard detection, energy control, lighting, etc., and increasing the level of home security – in general.

IoT pametni domovi

Usage scenarios

  • Measurement of water quality in swimming pools
  • Water leak detection
  • Fire detection
  • Burglary detection
  • Air quality measurement
  • Co2 detection

Insurance and security | Internet of Things

Solutions aimed at protecting all types of property from theft or damage.

IoT - Sigurnost

Usage scenarios

  • Fire detection
  • Protection of windows and doors on buildings
  • Tracking and protection of bicycles
  • Protection and vehicle positioning
  • Object movement detection
  • Water leak detection
  • Pool temperature monitoring
  • Danger alert

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