GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management

GPS vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions enable control, recording and easier management of vehicle fleets, and are used in many industries, from car rental companies to construction or service companies.

GPS tracking and fleet management

A system that allows you to:

  • real-time vehicle location information,
  • historical overview of routes and events,
  • alerting to events,
  • defining locations and places on the map,
  • sensor control (door, engine shutdown, machine on / off),
  • CAN BUS data (fuel consumption, temperature, eco driving, etc.),
  • information on temperature sensors,
  • information on bluetooth sensors,
  • cost management,
  • driver management,
  • communication with drivers, exchange of documentation, etc.


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GPS tracking and fleet management give you complete control over your business

Mobilne i web aplikacije za GPS praćenje | gps vehicle tracking
  • Insight into the current state of the vehicle fleet
  • Insight into the historical condition of the vehicle fleet
  • Making business decisions based on real information
  • Alarm to default events in the fleet
  • Vehicle use control
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Temperature control
  • Driving mode control
  • Control of working hours, etc.

Advantages of using GPS tracking and Fleet Management systems

At any time on the mobile or web interface, have an insight into the current route and speed of the vehicle. Ensure safe and planned business processes with Vehicle Monitoring and Fleet Management.

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Reducing working time costs
  • Insight into the business process
  • Business process control
  • Information for making business decisions

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