Asset tracking

Asset tracking enables control, recording and easier asset management, and is also used in many industries – from car rental companies to construction or service companies.

Asset tracking

Includes Asset tracking solutions. It equipment meets the high requirements that must be met for the service to work:

  • long battery life,
  • positioning in places where GPS signal is not available,
  • light sensor,
  • motion sensor,
  • watertightness (min. IP67).

Asset tracking is used in many industries:

  • Transport and logistics (trailers, pallets, consignments, containers),
  • Construction (construction machinery and equipment),
  • Home leasing (backup).
praćenje prikolica i poluprikolica | asset tracking

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Asset tracking – basic options

Basic features include:

  • locating assets (asseta) via GPS,
  • locating the property in case the GPS signal is not available,
  • detecting asset movements.


praćenje transportne imovine | asset tracking
Tracking of trailers and semi-trailers
Praćenje robe visoke vrijednosti | asset tracking
Tracking of high value goods
Praćenje građevinskih strojeva i opreme | asset tracking
Monitoring of construction equipment and machinery
Praćenje kontejnera u vodnom prometu | asset tracking
Container monitoring in water transport

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Asset tracking – advanced features

Advanced features include:

  • light sensor,
  • bluetooth location sensor,
  • bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor,
  • bluetooth door sensor (cargo space),
  • bluetooth motion sensor,
  • IRIDIUM positioning via satellite,
  • advanced installation options (brackets, holders, etc.),
  • identification of the tracking object (eg smart tracking of trailers),
  • backup solution if the main monitoring device is disabled.


Rješenja protiv krađe imovine
Anti-theft protection
Backup rješenje za praćenje vozila
Backup solution
praćenje za leasing kuće | asset tracking
Finding a vehicles in leasing
identifikacija prikolica
Smart trailer identification

Choose a suitable Asset Tracker

Asset trackers differ by:

1. Data transmission technology

The data sending technology is mainly related to the battery life and the size of the Asse Tracker. Available data transmission technologies are: LoRaWAN, Sigfox or GSM.

2. Place of installation

If it is a question of places where extreme weather conditions prevail, the Asset tracker must have a waterproof case.

3. Battery life.

It depends on the data transmission interval and the data transmission technology. Battery life ranges from 2 to 6 years.

teltonika asset tracker
sigfox asset tracker
solar asset tracker

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Advantages of asset tracking solution

Annually, the world incurs losses of about $ 50 billion in assets lost in work processes. It provides reliable protection of a company’s valuable assets.

  • Improved asset visibility and real-time tracking
  • Optimal asset utilization and efficiency
  • Reduced risk of loss and theft
  • Streamlined maintenance and repairs
  • Enhanced compliance and audit trail
  • Improved cost control and financial management
  • Efficient inventory management and supply chain optimization
  • Informed decision-making for strategic asset management

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