About us

ALFA LOGISTIKA is a specialized company for the development and implementation of IoT solutions within various industrial sectors.

Company group

ALFA LOGISTIKA operates within a group of companies, each of which specializes in providing a certain type of service or for carrying out a certain type of project.

Many years of industry experience

ALFA LOGISTIKA deals with the development of IoT and telematic solutions in various industries, from manufacturing to transport and utilities.

We have been on the market since 2013, and we have a large number of completed projects in our portfolio, as well as a large number of satisfied clients.

Our services are designed from simple services intended for GPS tracking of vehicles, ships, bicycles, etc. to complex projects for the introduction of advanced IoT systems.


We are always up to date with the latest technologies and we always try to offer you the best ratio for your investment.


We are in trend with the latest achievements within the IoT world and we are connected with scientific and educational institutions in this field.

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