Smart GPS tracker – solutions for GPS tracking.

Smart GPS tracking includes: Asset tracking, People tracking, and Micromobility tracking (bicycles, motorcycles, quads, scooters, and e-scooters).


smart gps tracker

State-of-the-art smart GPS tracking hardware and software!

smart asset tracker

Asset tracking

smart personal tracking

Personal tracking

smart gps tracker for personal tracking
Man down
smart gps tracker for scooters

Electric scooters

smart gps tracker for rollers

Electric rollers

What are SAS solutions?

SAS is a set of software and hardware solutions aimed at solving problems in the segments: asset tracking, personal tracking and micromobility tracking.

SAS is a cloud platform used to manage information collected from GPS devices.

asset tracking on smart way

Asset tracking solutions

Smart GPS asset tracking solutions. View GPS positions on the map, geozones, alarm on SMS or Email, sensors.

smart personal tracking with smart gps tracker

Personal Tracking

A solution to increase security. Smart options and alerts, such as Man Down (alert in case of accident or fall of a person), etc.

Smart gps tracking sccoters and rollers

Micromobility monitoring

Smart Micromobility GPS tracking includes tracking bicycles, quads, motorcycles, scooters, and e-scooters.

How to contract a service and buy smart GPS tracker?


Select the product

Asset tracking, personal tracking or micromobility.



Select a GPS device.



Subscribe to web and mobile app.

Need a state of the art GPS tracking solution?

Asset tracking

GPS tracking for trailers, equipment and machinery, high value goods, etc.

trailer tracking with gps

Smart GPS tracker devices for Asset tracking

asset tracker

TAT100 Easy

Gps device for Asset tracking with battery capacity for sending up to 1000 records. IP67 water and dust resistant, 4 installation options.

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Price: 77 €

asset tracker with bluetooth

GP52S (Sigfox)

GPS device for asset tracking that uses the Sigfox network for data transmission. Battery life up to 4 years. The price includes an IP67 housing.

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Price: 73 €

mini gps tracker

TMT 250

Small GPS device with multiple tracking scenario options. Alarm send button, fall / break detection. Supports Bluetooth sensor connection.

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Price: 65 €

mobile app for gps tracking

Information you need at the right time!

Within the system you can create alarms for events that are important to you! When a defined event occurs you will be informed immediately!


Receive a notification on your phone in case of a disturbance!

Alarm on SMS or Email

Receive a notification via SMS or Email in case of a disturbance.

Personal Tracking

Monitoring the safety of people in many application scenarios.
smart solution for personal tracking

Smart GPS tracker devices for personal tracking

mini personal tracker


Gps personal tracking device with holder. SOS button, Man Down function, long battery life, possibility of SOS emergency call.

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Price: 67 €

mini personal tracker with bracelet


Tracking device that is suitable for tracking the elderly, quarantined persons and the like, notification in case of disconnection of the bracelet.

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Price: 88 €

GPS id card


GPS device for personal tracking with the possibility of alert scenarios (keys), entrance control, location control and the like. Long battery life.

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Price: 78 €

Download the mobile app!

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Get a subscription and start using the GPS tracking system.

Monitoring of micromobility (electric vehicles)

Monitoring of electric bicycles, electric machines, electric rollers and scooters.
electric vehicles tracking

Smart GPS tracker for electric vehicles (micromobility)

gps device for scooter tracking

TFT100 – Scooter

Device for tracking electric rollers and scooters. Bluetooth sensors!

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Price: 80 €

gps tracker for forklifts

TFT100 – Forklift

GPS device for tracking electrical machines. Bluetooth sensors!

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Price: 82 €

gps tracker for rollers

TST100 – Scooter

GPS device for tracking electric rollers and scooters. Connect to CPU!

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Price: 87 €

gps tracker for e bykes

EMB100 – Byke

Track electric bikes with advanced CPU data reading options.

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Price: dev

We supply programmed GPS tracking devices!
All devices and equipment you buy from us come pre-programmed for your desired usage scenario. We can also refine the software configuration according to your specific scenario before the equipment is delivered.

Subscription prices for smart GPS tracker

Subscription prices are shown on a monthly basis for one GPS tracking unit, whether it is Asset tracking, personal tracking or micromobility tracking.

GSM subscriptions

Package EU

4,5 € / month

  • GPS Tracking Web Application
  • Mobile GPS tracking app
  • SIM card rental
  • EU data traffic (27 + 2)
  • Position every 60s (Max.)

Package Europe

5,8 € / month

  • GPS Tracking Web Application
  • Mobile GPS tracking app
  • SIM card rental
  • Data traffic for Europe
  • Position every 60s (Max.)


  • All prices shown are without VAT.
  • The monthly subscription price includes renting a GPS tracking software platform, renting a SIM data card and data traffic.
  • The prices shown are valid for software use and data traffic at the level of one (1) month for one (1) monitoring object.
complete smart gps tracking solution

Sigfox subscriptions

Sigfox Min


  • Web application for Asset tracking
  • Mobile application for GPS tracking
  • Sigfox data traffic
  • Price for 12 months
  • Interval - 2 positions per day
  • Price is without TAX

Sigfox Max


  • Web application for Asset tracking
  • Mobile application for GPS tracking
  • Sigfox data traffic
  • Price for 12 months
  • Interval - 140 positions per day
  • Price is without TAX

Apply smart GPS solutions to your business!

Accessories for smart GPS trackers (sensors)

ID bluetooth sensor for GPS


BLE beacons are expanding applications: from now on you can track property, trailers and various equipment indoors where GPS is not available.

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Price: 35 €

Magnet bluetooth sensor for GPS


Status of opening / closing doors. The sensor can send information when the magnet is attached/detached. Easy to install!

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Price: 42 €

Movement bluetooth sensor for GPS


Track property, trailers or any other specific equipment while monitoring movement status, angular position and detecting unexpected movement.

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Price: 39 €

Temperature bluetooth sensor for GPS


Temperature control in freezers, refrigerators and other temperature sensitive cases. Battery life up to 19 years. Up to 4 sensors per GPS device!

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Price: 41 €

SAS rješenja za pametno GPS praćenje

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