How a vehicle monitoring system can reduce operating costs?

Cost reduction – You can optimize your business through just one extensive system that gives your business much more than just oversight.

Vehicle monitoring system | cost reduction

Whether it is monitoring cost on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, fuel consumption monitoring, movement history or timely reporting, this system combines the monitoring of a wide range of fleet parameters in one place.

Eliminate extraordinary events |

cost reduction

With regular and undisturbed supervision, you can save the time in the administration and maintenance of the vehicle fleet. With this system you can eliminate all possible extraordinary events within the fleet through vehicle maintenance records. In just a few clicks, find out all the necessary information, such as regular vehicle service or vehicle tire changes.

cost reduction

Automatic alarm

This system also offers an interesting option – automatic notification for upcoming obligations on the vehicle. You can habe all the necessary information in a timely manner to avoid extraordinary costs such as unexpected vehicle malfuncion, interuptions of work proces or legal penalties. You will very simple and easily manage your costs operationally through the cost module.

Expense module

All your costs are in one place, and through a graphical and analytical display of costs you can guide all types of your fleet according cost to their occurrence. By entering each newl incurred cost, you can compare the intensity of the previous cost and thus detect newly incurred irregularities costs in a timely manner. Keep track of all expenses on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

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Control optimization of the business process | cost reduction

You need just one click to the access of movement history for all vehicles in your fleet. In this way, you monitor the resulting deviations in movement through the GPS position, address, data from the sensor and telemetry of the vehicle. According to the data on the history of vehicle movement, you can  automatically calculate the per diems generated within the system for cloud surveillance of vehicles in your accounting or ERP system.

Control fuel consumption

Control fuel consumption with a sensor that allows you to check the amount of fuel in the tank of the vehicle you are observing at a given moment. Many fleet owners still encounter theft of fuel from their vehicles. The GPS cloud system has a solution for that problem and there is no room for concern.

Prevent fuel theft

With a GPS cloud date, you can easily control or prevent fuel theft. The fuel level sensor is a very effective solution for the detection of fuel theft. In a unique way, the fuel level in the tank is read and any changes are detected, and quickly received information about the theft prevents the theft of your resources.

How to increase business eficiency? | cost reduction

Efficient operation leads to better business results at lower costs, saves time and increases the flow of information. Cloud monitoring applications allow you to communicate with drivers and speed up the existing way of working, exchanging information and documentation between the field and the office. Speed of information exchange and quality communication is important for faster resolution of potential problems and elimination of extraordinary business costs.

Ease intra-compay managment | cost reduction

Gain better control and management of field staff through work orders within the vehicle’s cloud surveillance system. Enter new work orders in a timely manner and keep track of existing ones in various execution phases. Work order processes are digitized, thus reducing the process of communication and setting new work tasks. Through GPS cloud, a modern cloud vehicle monitoring system, you can easily track your vehicle data. Have daily insight into your driving history, sensor data, refueling and fuel consumption, work order statuses or simply share documentation and communicate with your drivers faster.

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